Sant’Anna school, a legacy of pedagogical excellence

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa is a small public institute university that packs a big punch on the international academic front. With a focus on applied sciences and international relations, Sant’Anna provides its students with the tools they need to succeed in today’s interconnected world. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the Institute of Law, Politics, and Development.



Sant’Anna School Ensures Pisa’s Place in Global Diplomacy

International relations and conflict resolution are of vital importance in the volatile world of global politics. In response to the need for skilled practitioners in these areas, Sant’Anna’s Institute of Law, Politics, and Development offers a range of Master’s and Phd. courses in the fields of political science, electoral policy, and human rights, amongst others. In the face of political nationalism’s rise in the West, and numerous reports of compromised elections in Africa, free and fair election processes are vital. Sant’Anna offers online Master’s courses in electoral policy and administration, allowing those working towards a career in electoral policy to begin their educational journey regardless of their location.


Training Tomorrow’s Conflict Management Specialists

One of the most noteworthy courses on offer at Sant’Anna School is the postgraduate International Training Programme for Conflict Management. Focusing on peacebuilding, human rights, and other international legal issues, the ITPCM was founded in 1995, and embraces a field-orientated approach, with 50% of its courses taking place in foreign countries and post-conflict settings. In order to ensure relevancy in the rapidly evolving arena of conflict management, the ITPCM has taken on a multidisciplinary framework, incorporating training, analysis, research, and consulting into the programme. The ITPCM is complemented by Sant’Anna’s Master’s Diploma in Human Rights and Conflict Management.



Putting the Spotlight on Migrant Children’s Rights

Sant’Anna School is actively involved in the refugee crisis, and forms part of the International Commission of Jurist’s FAIR (Fostering Access to Immigrant children’s Rights) project. The aim of FAIR is to create a network of lawyers trained in international human rights and EU-specific children’s rights, in order to ensure the safety and security of migrant children. FAIR brings together lawyers and human rights specialists from a seven EU countries including Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Germany, and is an initiative that is sure to foster dialogue across national and cultural borders.


Sant’Anna Summer School Courses

Sant’Anna School facilitates a number of summer school courses within human rights, conflict management and development cooperation. Courses take place in Pisa, and abroad – Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, plays host to the School’s Civilian Peace Support Operations course, the aim of which is to equip Cameroonian civilians with knowledge on peacekeeping operations.
Back in Pisa, the summer school in Psychological Interventions in Migration, Emergency, and Displacement is aimed at providing professionals in the fields of pedagogy, medicine, psychology, and social work with the skills necessary to engage with displacement and crisis-affected societies.



An Italian university with an International Focus

Internationalization is highly valued by Sant’Anna, and the school actively seeks to collaborate on research projects with institutions across the globe. The student body at Sant’Anna is diverse, evincing the university’s dedication to fostering positive international relations through tertiary education.


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