A journey to Ancient Egypt

Piedmont Regions Published on 17 November 2016

The Egyptian Museum of Turin was founded in 1824, making it the oldest Egyptian museum in the world. It is the second largest institution of its kind, after the Cairo Museum. Its exhibits are fully devoted to the art and culture of Egypt and its collection has been the focus of many historians, including Champollion.


Turin, the birthplace of egyptology

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (its full name) houses a series of collections that include pieces found over the course of four centuries, along with other archeological evidence recovered during excavations carried out by the Italian Archaeological Mission between 1900 and 1935, a large portion of which was brought back to Italy.




The Egyptian museum of Turin, a journey in time


The tour begins on the ground floor with two rooms dedicated to prehistory and the Old Kingdom. Visitors continue to the underground gallery that houses found objects dating back to the Middle Kingdom.

As you head back upstairs, two vast rooms contain monumental statues from the collection. Items on the upper floors are displayed by theme. Depending on your taste, you can explore rooms devoted to funerary practices, writing, daily life or gods and goddesses. The museum now occupies four floors and covers a period ranging from 4000 BCE to the year 700 CE. It is home to a gallery of Ancient Roman sarcophagi, as well as other new items. The museum has also harnessed new technologies to allow visitors to take a virtual 3D walk through the tombs of Egyptian dignitaries.


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