TRAVEL JOURNAL - Sicily: Everything else is in the shade. SPORT - Giro d’Italia: Pedalling towards greatness with SA’s Team Dimension Data; Ferrari, a 70th anniversary at 300km/h. BUSINESS - Area Science Park, a technological hub in Trieste; FNB Business Awards: the success story of Antonio di Loreto; Ferrero: Celebrating 70 years of crafting fine chocolate delights. EDUCATION - Politecnico di Milano, Italy’s world-class technical university. CULTURE - Pompeii, the gateway to Ancient Roman life. HOTEL - Hotel Villa d’Este, an authentic oasis on Lake Como. FASHION - Carlo Mazzoni, the Fashionable Lampoon; Shopping: mens and womens spring wear; Must-Have: Persol designer sunglasses. IN THE WORKSHOP OF - Donald Greig: Portrait of the Italian sculptor.