The Heart of the Renaissance

Florence is at the core of Tuscany’s northern region. It boasts a wealth of Renaissance art and architecture that will imprint upon your memory forever. Its cultural and gastronomic history has made it a favourite destination, perfect for those seeking a faster-paced Tuscan experience.

Florence in a Nutshell

At every turn, Florence offers endless opportunities to experience remarkable art and architecture, jaw-dropping history, and pocket-itching shopping boutiques! You’ll see seminal works of art like Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, and, of course, Michelangelo’s Statue of David.

Shop local leather goods, and see artisans at work on their gold or shoes. You cannot pass up is the opportunity to sip and swirl the Tuscan wines and nibble on local aperitivi. The Florentines are especially proud of their culinary talents. So, the locals are always thrilled to share dishes with foreigners.

In fact, the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. This explains all the art, architecture and tradition. So, prepare yourself! Fact-filled afternoons. Mind-blowing historical feats. Plus, the opportunity to hear the locals speaking ‘true Italian’!

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