Italy’s ‘Enfant Terrible’

The birthplace of pizza, Campania’s capital and Italy’s 3rd largest city is as edgy as it is illustrious. Everything in Naples is somewhat mystical. Sit back and soak up the eclectic atmosphere on the streets. Nourish your soul with a tour of ancient churches and shrines. Discover sacred and secular knick-knacks representing both saints and football idols in the crowded markets of the central suburbs.

Naples in a Nutshell

Naples lives up to its reputation as one of the liveliest cities in Italy. The ‘New City’ of Magna Graecia. The Renaissance hub of philosophy and arts, the capital city of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Naples is about contrast. It’s a chaotic mish-mash of urban wonders on the one hand, and a sobering glimpse into Italy’s aristocratic past on the other. However, it’s amongst its alleys that you’ll find – in the eyes and the voice of its people – the true soul of Naples (or Napoli as it is called in Italian).

The city will treat you to white shores, historical wonders, and food to die for! Indulge in a pizza, an espresso, and meals so simple you’ll hardly believe their genius. The centro storico (historic centre) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with historical and architectural feats everywhere you look. You can also take a more relaxed approach. Try a coastal stroll from Posillipo to San Giovanni a Teduccio, at the base of the famous volcano, Mount Vesuvius, or climb up the Vomero Hill for an awe-inspiring panorama of the city.

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