An Everlasting Spectacle

Audacious. Daring. Grand. Opulent. Fantasmagorical! All words that describe Venice and its history to a tee. Since its inception, Venice has embodied the human lust for pageantry, and balanced this (quite masterfully) with a grandeur that will make it hard to keep your jaw off the floor. The Floating City will stay forever adrift in your heart.

Venice in a Nutshell

The Venetians have been setting trends and defying norms since time immortal. From fashion movements to artisanal crafts, and even politics. Indeed, you wouldn’t call a city without any roads (but with 400 bridges), built across 118 small islands ‘conventional’.

Apart from the chaotic and electrifying Carnevale, the city is a mecca of astonishing experiences. Its Canal Grande, fringed in Venetian Gothic and Renaissance edifices, and the princely Piazza San Marco are not panoramas you will forget.

As you wander the narrow back streets and priceless artwork, take a moment to ponder the indomitable spirit of the city, and the enduring effect it has had on our societies.

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