Egypt, Greece and Rome at the Archaeological Museum

Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Naples is indeed the bellybutton of the ancient world.

Must-Do's Naples Published on 3 August 2018

A visit to the National Archaeological Museum will carry you through a history of wars, volcanic explosions, sailing adventures as well as trade and arts. The Museum thoroughly describes the ancient Mediterranean cultures through their marbles, bronzes, mosaics and thousands of artefacts belonging to different époques and cultures.

The Romans’ naughty corner

The Secret Museum, or Gabinetto Segreto, displays explicit artwork which dictators despised and free-thinkers admired. While the Archaeological Museum showcases some of the most precious artefacts worldwide, in this space there is room for mundane objects and visual content. Without doubt, the Romans sensitive to philosophy and politics as much as they valued ‘playtime’. Hence, this collection brings to life the forbidden memories of the Roman empire.


Time to Explore: 1-2 hours.

Top Tips: Keep up with the latest exhibitions on the official website.

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