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People Published on 4 October 2017

Since 1994, Fabrica has groomed talented individuals who go on to change the design and media industries. As a school of excellence and nesting ground for the world’s most skilled specialists in the creative industry, Fabrica by Benetton also offers one-year scholarships to students. With a focus on social consciousness, Fabrica has become the cornerstone of modern communications research. 
Fabrica Statistics

A Talent Incubator


“We want to open Italy to the world, to shift the perspective from ‘where is made’ to ‘why we make’.”


Above is the manifesto of Fabrica, a school of media and design that cultivates a diverse pool of talents from around the world under the flag of innovation ‘made in Italy’. Fabrica offers a wide variety of curricula: design, visual communication, photography, interaction, video studies, music and journalism. As a result, a multidisciplinary dialogue and approach to research has become the school’s benchmark. Without a doubt, Fabrica has set itself apart as a hub of innovation.


Fabrica by Benetton Communications Research


Design for All

Fabrica has operated in Treviso,  in the Italian region of Veneto, since 1994. Marketing guru Luciano Benetton founded the school, with the support of Godfrey Reggio and Oliviero Toscani. The school follows Benetton’s principle of sustainable innovation balanced against social change. Benetton’s controversial campaigns at the hands of Toscani are on of many social campaigns from the Fabrica think tank.
Fabrica’s school of design investigates the nature of human needs in order to reconstruct practical solutions. The students and researchers operate in the arts and in industrial design. They focus on a cross-cultural range of products, graphics, interactions, exhibitions and experiences.


Fabrica by Benetton Communication and Design


Brand New World, Brand New Media

Fabrica launched multiple editorial projects in 2016. Here the school pursues awareness of social injustices and human rights. Indeed, international practices and new trends in communication across the globe take central focus. In various forms of documentary and exhibition, the Fabrica team have developed multimedia visual projects on the topic. Students have used the communication revolution of today to translate the voices of dissent and innovation into visual representation.


Fabrica by Benetton Students


Concurrently, the Fabrica media team investigates the mediation of reality across history and modernity. Revolutions, repression, social media, arts, cultures, religion, family and, ultimately, every authentic expression of human living are exposed by the team. Fabrica’s social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo are trending and updated daily.


Reshaping Time and Space

A revolutionary product requires a revolutionary package. Japanese architect Tadao Andō brought imagination to life when he designed the Fabrica building. The campus is a timeless mix of styles, but situated on a 17th century villa.


Fabrica by Benetton Floating Lawn

A mix of architectural styles at the Fabrica by Benetton campus.


Villa Pastega Manera is a 51,000sqm complex housing classes, study areas, laboratories, offices, and facilities such as a library, auditorium, cinema, and meeting and refreshment areas. “We could do that anywhere”, state the organisers, “but here, we make it look good.” Between 1993 and 1995, the villa was restored using traditional techniques. The hall is an elliptical structure, double-height and uninterrupted from the front to the back of the villa.


Fabrica by Benetton Villa Pastega Campus

The Fabrica campus is situated in the 17th century Pastega Manera villa.


Redefined spaces engage with the visitors, welcoming them into the ample courtyard across a large pool, towards an eight-metre deep underground piazza. Here, straightaway, the semblance of space and light converge in a natural frame of artificial landscaping.


Fabrica by Benetton Courtyard

Space and light converge on the Fabrica campus.


Markedly impressive is the campus’ state of the art library, a spiral building. Moreover, it contains over 5,000 books. The library specialises in graphic design, photography, industrial design, art and visual communication. It also features international periodicals, over 300 audio CDs covering world music and over 400 videotapes and DVDs.


Fabrica by Benetton Library

The spiral staircase inside Fabrica by Benetton’s renowned communications and design library.


How to Apply to Fabrica

Every year, Fabrica selects and trains 40 students, particularly graphic designers, illustrators, product designers, photographers, video makers, animation designers, interaction designers, coders, musicians and sound designers under the age of 25. Click here to apply!

Projects from Fabrica Students

The Beautiful Gene

The photographic project by Marina Rosso classifies 48 categories of red-haired individuals. As a result of the choice made by the world’s largest sperm bank to reject red-haired donors, Rosso launched this controversial project.

Fabrica The Beautiful Gene ProjectFabrica The Beautiful Gene Project


Sisley Gift

Designed by Portuguese illustrator Mariana Fernandes for Sisley, this collection of accessories showcases memories and life stories, with attention to rough materials and non-conformist visuals.

Fabrica Sisley Gift Collection



The exhibition, created for the indoor climate brand Daikin, attributes a shape, a sound, a weight and substance to air. By the same token, the onomatopoeic name of the installations recalls the sound of human breath.

Fabrica FUHA for DaikonFabrica by Benetton FUHA for Daikon

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