Gondola Rides in Venice

A trip to Venice simply isn’t complete until you’ve toured the city on a Gondola!

Must-Do's Venice Published on 1 August 2018

What was once a mode of transportation reserved for the Venetian aristocracy is now available to all.

There are different itineraries. Some gondola rides focus on Venetian palaces, others on more traditional, local routes. The gondolieri are even known to sing traditional songs as you glide along the tranquil canals.

Time to Explore: About half an hour2 hours, depending on the itinerary and tour operator.

Top Tips: It’s a good idea to book your tour ahead of time through one of the many operators online. If not, you risk queueing and crowds. There are even gondolier courses! Without a doubt, our favourite are the romantic sunset tours. Short, secluded, and insanely beautiful.

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