Haute cuisine in Milano

Foodies Published on 18 November 2016

Milan is located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, where the Po River flows.

Cafe latte at the terrace of an italian cafe

Its rich, varied cuisine comes from the blended traditions of Pavia and Lodi. Seek out dishes like frog omelette, risotto with saffron, pumpkin risotto, cabbage soup, Busecca, Casoela, fricassee and the famous breaded cutlets. Desserts include the well-known Panettone, an ancient symbolic dish prepared for Christmas, as well as Colomba, which was invented for Easter. After sampling these, seek out raisin bread, Torta Paradiso with mascarpone and Charlotte alla Milanesa, a cake made with fruits, pippin apples and pears.



Live on Milanese time! Sissi is a small, historic bakery that is renowned for its delicious, warm croissants – plain or with cream and chocolate. Bring your patience because there will be a crowd!

Piazza Risorgimento 6, 20129


Pasticceria Marchesi

If you are searching for excellence Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Milan’s historic cafes that happens to be affiliated with Prada. More than the luxury brand, however, customers come for the celebrated panettone (a traditional cake enjoyed at Christmas that makes a wonderful gift), pastries, coffee and the handsome clientele.

Via Santa-Maria alla Porta 11, 20123




Panzerotti are delicious, typically Puglian treats with explosive flavors: a sort of potato croquette with tomato, mozzarella or chorizo. Delightfully crispy on the outside with soft, warm centers.

Via Santa-Radegonda 16, 20121



Trattoria La Madonnina

This authentic trattoria is a closely guarded secret in Milan. Its patrons feel

protective of this home away from home, whose kitchen serves up the best of Italy.

Via Gentilino 6, 20136


Caruso at the Grand Hotel

Just across from the famous Via Montenapoleone. Caruso is the address

for chic lunches in a retro dining room with Murano lamps from the 1920s. The kitchen turns out traditional Italian dishes with contemporary touches.

Piazzetta Croce-Rossa



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