Ristorante Cracco

Foodies Published on 18 November 2016

This restaurant with its two coveted Michelin stars is one of the finest tables in the city, not to mention one of the best restaurants in the world.




He has it all: looks, fame, talent! Chef Carlo Cracco came up under the greatest French chefs. He worked for Alain Ducasse at Louis XV in Monaco and Alain Senderens in Paris before returning to his native Italy to hone his talent in the most prestigious kitchens, picking up a few stars along the way. In 2001 he struck out on his own and opened his eponymous restaurant in the heart of Milan. Six years later, in 2007, it was ranked among the 50 best restaurants in the world! Through creative, experimental cooking that brilliantly reimagines traditional Milanese recipes, the chef serves up an intelligent, sophisticated reinterpretation of flavors.

He is guided by the quest for a delicate balance between tradition, innovation and modernity. His passionate, vivid and subtle cuisine plays on relevant pairings whose only goal is to elevate ingredients.

As for the wine list, the food at Cracco is accompanied by some of the best vintages served out of a cellar that has nearly 2,000 selections from around the world. The bottom line: this restaurant is a worthy ambassador of Italian cuisine.

Highly recommended.



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