Borghese Gallery

The Queen of All Private Art Collections

Must-Do's Rome Published on 2 October 2018

Nested on the slopes of the luxurious Pincian Hill, the Borghese Gallery (Galleria Borghese) is a splendid palace. It also displays some of Rome’s most unique artwork. Certainly, the Gallery portrays the best of the Roman Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical production. For example, Canova’s Pauline Bonaparte (yes, Napoleon’s sister!), who lays half-naked in the building amidst gods and goddesses of ancient times.

Highlights at the Borghese Gallery

Perhaps the most representative sculptor who lived in Rome, Gian Lorenzo Bernini brought Classical Roman splendour back in fashion with his statues. In the Borghese Gallery, you’ll find a handful of his masterpieces, including the passionate figures of Apollo and Daphne. In brief, the sculpture portrays the impossible love of the god Apollo for the nymph Daphne. The nymph eventually turned into a laurel tree to escape from his grasp. Besides works by Canova and Bernini, you’ll find works by Caravaggio, including David Holding Goliath’s Head. 

Time to Explore: About 2 hours.

Top Tips: Booking is mandatory! Guests are only admitted every 2 hours. You should also consider a little picnic in the Villa Borghese Park which surrounds the museum before or after your visit.

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