Foro Romano

The Epicentre of Ancient Roman Society

Must-Do's Rome Published on 19 September 2018

The majesty of the Colosseum and Circus Maximus may get you thinking about the richness and pageantry of Ancient Rome. On the other hand, it’s in Foro Romano (Roman Forum) that you will realise what allowed the existence of such a superpower over 2000 years ago. Foro Romano was in fact the centre of politics, public life and education. Its dramatic ruins reminded painters and poets that every great empire does indeed meet its end.

Highlights at the Foro Romano

Throughout the ruins of Foro Romano, you’ll discover many layers of classical history. A particularly meaningful sight at the Roman Forum is what is left of the Temple of Saturn: a colonnade standing alone in stark contrast with the surrounding decay. Travellers and honeymooners from all over the world describe the sight at dusk as what is undeniably the best sunset of their lives.

Time to Explore: About 1 hour.

Top Tips: Enter from Piazza del Campidoglio for the best view of the Forum and surroundings. You should also walk along the Via Sacra, which was the street on which Roman armies used to return to the city!

What’s Close? Musei Capitolini, Colosseo, Arco di Constantino (Arch of Constantine), Colle Palatino (Palatine Hill), Circus Maximus, Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland), Colonna Traiana (Trajan’s Column).

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