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Meet the My Italian Link Team!

Wondering who's behind what you're reading? Well, here we are! Like the bedrock of My Link's concept, we believe our strength lies in our multicultural approach and passion for all things Italiane! Meet the hard-working, fun-loving My Italian Link family! Here's who we are, what we do and what our favourite Italian foods are!

Julien Lavergne - Project Director

From social media marketing and reach expansion, to analytics and general market growth, Julien pilots our digital marketing strategy in its entirety. As an internet and online marketing mogul, Julien is also the ringleader behind the My Italian Link online identity. Plus, he has the neatest desk of anyone on the team!

Favourite Italian food: “Without a single doubt, pesto pasta!”

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Axel Chauvierre - Social Media Manager

Axel conjures up our online media and Facebook strategies, so if you haven’t won an online competition, it’s him you’ll have to take on! Axel should definitely have been born an Italian; food, football and history are his main interests. Unfortunately for him, he isn’t.

Favourite Italian food: “Arancini from the Italian stall at my local Sunday market, hands down!”

Marine Cauchon - Community Manager

As My Italian Link’s online community manager, Marine spends most of her time curating content and creating a band of contributors for our online platforms. She’s the mastermind behind the envy you feel when you look at our Instagram stories! She knows every corner of Italy, and can recognise them all at a glance.

Favourite Italian food: “It’s gotta be spinach and ricotta ravioli!”

Francesca Vallardi - Managing Editor, My Italian Link Online/Magazine

Francesca coordinates all cultural referencing between South Africa and Italy. She is our official liaison for commercial and institutional partners, and handles all advertising, sales and marketing of the website and magazine. Her management of our budget and marketing goals guides all production planning.

Favourite Italian food: “Strictly Neapolitan mozzarella, parmigiano and prosciutto from Parma (with a view of Capri’s shimmering sea).”

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Audrey Robin - Editor in Chief

Audrey lends her expertise in content production and editing to our web and print assembly. She manages all day-to-day delegations and operations, directs our editorial blueprints, and oversees production standards for our magazine team. Audrey also devotes time to copy editing and tone integration for each piece.

Favourite Italian food: “PIZZA! I think I’ve tasted every single traditional topping ever! I’m a pizza lover. That’s all I am”

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Céline Faillères - Artistic Director, My Italian Link Magazine

Celine’s duties centre around her role as graphic designer, but also extend to visual strategy development and the representation of every layout and aesthetic aspect for our print and magazine content. She conceives, develops and implements all of My Italian Link Magazine’s artistic visions, and executes all creative branding identities.

Favourite Italian food: “Definitely affettati (charcuterie)! My grandfather was a butcher, so how could I not love cold cuts?”

Agnese Roda - Cape Town coordinator, My Italian Link Magazine

As Cape Town Coordinator for My Link, Agnese manages our internal communication, and contributes to our content and production planning process, the brainstorming of tone and topic strategies, and manages Cape Town events.

Favourite Italian food: “I could never say no to gelato! I’m all about that creaminess: bacio, stracciatella and whipped cream!”

Kat Couzyn - Writer & Proofreader, My Italian Link Online/Magazine

As the team’s principal writer, Kat produces many of our online and print texts. She plays an active role in the development of content strategies for both print and digital texts, and contributes to their SEO compliance. She’s a total grammar geek, and also proofreads pieces by our team of freelance writers for adherence to My Link’s voice.

Favourite Italian food: “A platter of antipasti, please. For every meal. For the rest of my life.”

Jessica Sapsford - Freelance Writer, My Italian Link Magazine

Student of Italian culture Jess writes for our magazine and website. Her focus is on artistic and academic topics in Italy and South Africa, and she conducts many of our interviews with well-known artists.

Favourite Italian food:  “It would have to be risotto. It's the ultimate comfort food, and the variations are endless!”

Alessandro Parodi - Freelance Writer

Alessandro writes for our magazine with a focus on sports and business. He conducts many of our interviews with successful business figures, and contributes professional photographs of our events. He also contributes travel pieces to our website content.

Favourite Italian food: “Well, anything cheesy. Especially four-cheese gnocchi. And don't be stingy with the parmesan!”

Tony aka Bibou - Food Director, My Italian Link Online

Bibou has a nose for haute cuisine! He can sniff out any gastronomic masterpiece from miles away, and has a keen palate for authentic treats. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in the travel industry, but for this foodie, it’s a dog-eat-noms world!

Favourite Italian food: “All of it!”