The Ferrari Portofino

Sassy & Bold

People Published on 11 January 2019

Ferrari did it again! When performance and class meet on the fast track, it can only be to produce the mighty sound of a Prancing Horse’s roaring engine. Portofino is the last generation Gran Tour roadster with the character of a F1 vehicle and enhanced user control for a unique driving experience.

Light Speed

The world leading car brand does not need much of an introduction. Loved by Formula 1 fans and by motoring amateurs, Ferrari is also an established status symbol and a trailblazer of contemporary design. 71 years into the tradition initiated by driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari, the latest Prancing Horse, Ferrari Portofino, almost foreshadows its sexy red silhouette with performances that were hardly ever seen before on road.  



Ferrari Portofino’s kerb weight is 1664 kg, making it significantly lighter than its predecessor California T (1730 kg). This means the car has increased performances and reduced consumption. With a maximum engine speed of 7500 rpm, it has a maximum speed of 320 km/h and a sprinting acceleration of 0-100 in 3.5 sec. 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission, a fuel capacity of 80 l and its V8 – 90° turbo engine, with a maximum power output of 441 kW (600 cv), make it a pleasure to drive Ferrari’s newest baby.

What’s more, Ferrari Portofino is eco-friendly and reduces CO2 emissions. Its fuel consumption is 10.7 l/100 km and emissions score at 245g CO2/km.

Reinventing Classics

Ferrari Portofino White


The name says it all. Ferrari Portofino winks at the Italian tradition of classic and laid back lifestyle. The model is named after one of the most admired towns of the Italian Riviera, not far from the city of Genoa. Ferrari Portofino prides itself with elegance, class and comfort and can easily convert from a city-fit berlinetta coupé to a drop-top for longer distances. The metamorphosis is accomplished by a newly designed retractable hard top (RHT) which can open or close in about 14 seconds while the car is driving. Its design makes enough room for two extra seats when the roof is up and allows for a spacious luggage compartment with a capacity of 292 l.


“We believe this exceptionally versatile drop-top embodies the perfect combination of design excellence, supreme performance and unmatched technology” ~ Mervyn Eagles, CEO of Scuderia South Africa.


Sand-cast designs and improved aerodynamics on its two-box fastback configuration contribute to a lighter weight and a flexuous look. Its tri-dimensional details increase performance and stability as they provide the vehicle with an aggressive character. Lights are carefully directed by the shapes of the Portofino exterior to create a “chiaroscuro” effect on the satin Rosso Scuderia or any of the other 13 colours available on the range.

Welcome to the Champion’s Lair

Ferrari Portofino Interior


Ferrari Portofino’s interior design brings the motoring amateur inside a racing cockpit. Its last generation retractable roof makes the driving experience versatile as it grants the maximum comfort on the road without compromising on its sporting features. Portofino’s RHT is designed to enhance the pleasure of an open-air ride while reducing aerodynamic noise at high speed. When the top is down, a wind deflector reduces the amount of direct air on the driver and passenger by a total of 30% (17% on the head and -40% on the chest), redefining the meaning of road-trip.

Portofino also has short rides and urban traffic covered. When the top is up, privacy is uncompromised thanks to its luxury cabin and efficient air conditioning. Portofino’s aircon provides a 20% increase in air capacity and noise levels reduced by 8 dB.

Talking about luxury, its 18-way adjustable electric seats have a modern magnesium structure and compact design. Again, more space and more comfort! Side cushions, articulated backrest adjustment, under-thigh support and heated seats are fully customizable. The sporty and elegant design of the cockpit compounds the softness of the leather seats with hand-crafted details and techy gadgets.


“It’s the first classically pretty, front-engine, eight-cylinder, folding-hardtop Ferrari” ~ Alexander Stoklosa, Driver.


Expert drivers can have fun exploring the plenitude of features of its steering wheel, including the Manettino switch for leisure and sport driving. Entry level Ferrari owners can instead discover the many options of its Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) with a user-friendly display behind the wheel. An optional display for the passenger provides information about driving speed and other specifics of the car, beside infotainment features. A central 10.25” touch screen display is accessible to the driver and passenger and compounds technical and leisure options.

Functionality and style merge in the Ferrari Portofino interior creating a continuum with the design of its body. A high profile vehicle, Portofino is the ideal Gran Tour experience both for speed fanatics and luxury drivers. Imagined as an all-in-one car, it is suitable for the motoring geek and for the executive businesswoman.

A Monster in Your Garage

Ferrari Portofino Engine


The V8 engine is by and large the most competitive result of Ferrari’s engineering. Its award winning performances made it the International Engine of the Year in 2016 and 2017. It has 8 cylinders and is made with the most efficient materials, such as high-resistance aluminium alloy pistons, con rods with innovative geometries and specially-shaped high-tumble intake manifolds. Its one-piece-cast exhaust header ensures a throttle response with zero turbo lag, for even more responsive acceleration. The roaring engine produces three distinctive sounds: a muted growl during ignition, a marked sound in Comfort Manettino position and an unfiltered rumble in Sport Manettino position.

Over 176 touch ups to its predecessor, the California T engine, and an overall more stable structure make Ferrari Portofino the steadiest and sturdiest Ferrari GT in the market. The addition of electrically assisted steering and all-new electronic features (3rd generation electronic differential E-Diff3, electronic suspension control system SCM-E, integrated with Premium 9.1 ESP) enhance comfort and safety on the road.

The implementation of a Variable Boost Management adjusts the torque levels of the gears to guarantee the highest efficiency of acceleration and rev change. The most accurate torque delivery augments pick-up while reducing consumptions.


Ferrari Portofino Convertible


Portofino’s architecture features a smarter chassis and better assembly quality than its predecessors. It has an improved suspensions system, characterised by stiffer springs (+15.5% at the front and +19% at the rear), evolved magnetorheological damping and dual-coil dampers on the Magnaride system. Its 3rd generation engine control unit (ECU) has more accurate vertical dynamic control of road input frequencies. Altogether, this makes the ride smoother and more controlled.

Lastly, Portofino’s revolutionary aerodynamics and its efficient air intakes reduce the drag from the front wheels while optimising comfort. Air cooling is further facilitated by a variable-displacement oil pump and a new intercooler. The design of the rear screen and spoiler also reduce the air drag. What’s more, the thoroughly researched design of the body also makes way for a new front and rear-lights assembly.


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