Top 10 Weird Laws in Italy

Regions Tips & Tops Published on 6 March 2018

About ten years ago, the state allowed local mayors to implement laws to quash their own particular
‘security’ threats. The result? Countless giggle-worthy (if a little over the top) regulations! Here’s what
you need to know to avoid a brush with the law…

1) Leave your skirts at home, boys!

Be it a tutu, a mini or a sarong – men aren’t allowed to wear one (in public, that is!). So, if you’re invited
to a dress-up party, choose a costume that won’t put you behind bars.


2) Never forget to smile in Milan

Okay, not ‘never’. Apparently you’re allowed to stop smiling at funerals or in a hospital. The idea was to
market Milan as a friendly, receptive city. And it is! Also…


3) Pics, but no selfie sticks in Milan

This global capital of fashion and design has outlawed selfie sticks in some popular tourist areas. Why?
To avoid what they deem to be anti-social behaviour!


4) You’re not allowed to die…

…but only in Falciano del Massico, Campania. Mayor Giulio Cesare Fava passed this law after the town’s
cemetery ran out of space! We guess you won’t really have to worry about being prosecuted for this one.


5) Three’s a crowd in Rome

Feel like singing, dancing, eating or drinking in the streets of Rome? That’s fine! Just don’t do it with
more than one other person. Any group of three or more can be fined hundreds of euros for doing this.


6) DNA dog doody cross referencing in Naples

So this one is more of a campaign than a law, but still worth the giggles! A DNA database of pets is being
created to match scat on the streets to pet owners, and fine them to within an inch of their lives!


7) Don’t make a racket with your shoes in Capri

Silence is golden – especially in the Isle of Capri. The islanders have banned noisy footwear in general,
and a couple has since been arrested for wearing noisy flip flops!


8) No sandcastles on the beach in Eraclea

On the Venetian Lido lies the seaside town of Eraclea, where sandcastles have been deemed illegal. The
path to the sea is clear at all times, but Eraclea is probably not the friendliest beach for kids!


9) Never fake it in Venice!

We mean fake knock-offs of haute couture brands on the beaches in Venice. Any tourist caught buying
fake brands is liable for a €1000! You might as well have bought the real thing!


10) No making out in cars in Eboli

In fact, it’s illegal to perform any public displays of affection in any moving vehicle in Eboli. We suggest
visiting Eboli with a friend instead of a lover, then!

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