Where and What to Eat in Naples

Dine like there is no tomorrow

Foodies Naples Published on 18 March 2019

We all know Naples is the homeland of pizza! High-class restaurants, as well as backdoor taverns all over town can show off nonna’s traditional recipes, which you will find nowhere else in the world. Yet, there is so much more to eat in Napoli, where dining is not just about eating! Here is what to eat in Naples:


DUH! Pizza!

Pizza makers from Naples use such authentic ingredients and centenary secrets to make themselves the image of healthy eating worldwide. Not by chance, in 2017 they even earned the UNESCO world heritage status! More than a meal, pizza in Naples is an art. Mouth-watering, isn’t it? You can find out all about Neapolitan pizza here. If you can’t find your favourite pizza in Naples, perhaps you should watch the video above.


Eggplant Parmigiana

What to eat in Naples

The vegetarian sister of meat lasagne, eggplant parmigiana is a flavour bomb. Layer after layer, you’ll surely get to love the combination of eggplant/brinjal, tomato paste and melted cheese. Taverna D’o Re in the Spanish Quarters serves it with anchovies, Piennolo cherry tomatoes and fiordilatte cheese.


And Pasta For All

Abundance is the key word in Neapolitan cuisine. Those who have the luxury of an Italian ancestry will know that for a Neapolitan grandmother there is no such thing as being full. Hence, pasta recipes from Naples are loaded with olives, minced meat or seafood and served in towering portions. Antica Trattoria Da Carmine near the harbour is famous for its traditional pasta with potatoes, prepared “azzeccata azzeccata” (hard and dry).


Buffalo Mozzarella

There is mozzarella and then there is Neapolitan mozzarella. Creamy and milky, it just tastes better when it’s made on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. Yet, that’s not even half of it. Local cheese makers mastered buffalo herding to present you with decadent buffalo mozzarella. Stronger in flavour and even creamier, one mozzarella alone makes a full meal.


Rum Babà and Pastiera


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Naples’ most famous dessert actually originates further North. It’s still at the top of your what to eat in Naples list, though. It seems that Polish King Stanislao Leszczinski accidentally dropped a bottle of rum on his muffin, creating the perfect combination which was then imported by the southern folks. Neapolitan chefs perfected it making it the Parthenopean trademark pudding. Fratelli Attanasio at Sfogliatelle Attanasio makes soft and fragrant rum babà, crunchy sfogliatella (a shell-shaped ricotta pastry) and pastiera (ricotta and orange tart).

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