Where to Find the Best Coffee in Italy

Plus a Quick Guide to Italian Coffee

Foodies Published on 16 November 2018

Espresso is a much-beloved part of daily life in Italy. Locals indulge several times a day! Below you’ll find not only our top spots for where to find the best coffee in Italy, but a quick guide to how to drink it Italian style! 


Tazze Pazze, Genoa

This cafe’s house blends are creamy and perfectly roasted. They also offer several types of house blends and strains of espresso, all from arabica beans! Every step of the production process is carefully controlled and mastered by a super capable staff at Tazze Pazze.

Where? Via Faliero Vezzani 60r, Genoa, Liguria


Torrefazione Cannaregio, Veneto

Dating back to 1930, this haven of caffeine in Venice produces several different blends. They offer 3 single-origin strains, one decaffeinated strain, and an in-house blend of 8 different bean varieties! These guys really have espresso and coffee in Italy down to an art.

Where? Fondamente dei Ormesini 2804, Cannaregio, Venice


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Caffe Terzi, Emilia-Romagna

This coffee house boasts 10 single-origin strains and 6 blends. What’s more, they work with nothing but espresso! Their focus is on the selection of the beans and the quality of the ingredient, with particular attention to the origin of their milk.

Where? Via Guglielmo Oberdan 10/d, Bologna 


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Bar Mexico, Campania

In an interesting twist, this popular chain in Naples offers coffee-mad Italians and curious tourists a taste of exotic strains! All their coffee beans are imported directly from the Passalacqua roasting firm – founded in 1948, and blended in-house.

Where? Three locations in Naples: Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Dante, and Vomero.


Piccolo Peck, Lombardy

Piccolo Peck’s forte is arabica blends. Their in-house selections, all arabica, are delicious! What’s more, in addition to coffee and espresso, they add a different single-origin wine from a top winery to their menu every month.

Where? Via Spadari 9, Milan


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